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Mattel Games UNO Minecraft Card Game

Materia paper
Age Range 7+
Item Dimensions 5.71 x 3.62 x 0.79 inches
Price: $8.82
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Editor's review

Mattel Games Uno Minecraft Card Game is a great Uno card for kids to have. I like the original Uno but this one looks fresh and considering how big my kids are for the Minecraft video games, I got them this Minecraft Uno since we love to gather around for a quick Uno time. The card's texture feels the same as the original Uno and I love the design with different features of Minecraft chapters on the back of the cards. The cards are not pricey at all so it’s a great deal in my opinion. It’s an amazon choice product, so there is nothing you should be worried about the product’s quality. It’s also multicolor so the coloring of the set is quite creative and I love the designs of the cards. Would give it 5 stars if the delivery was faster!

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