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  • Version : 3.0.25
  • Developer : Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • Updated : May 13, 2022
  • Version : 3.0.25
  • Developer : Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • Updated : May 16, 2022

Editor‘s Review

Launched in 2016, Super Mario Run is an automatic runner platform game developed by Japanese giant game developer Nintendo. As one of the company’s biggest franchises, the Mario series has been popular for decades and serves as the “best friend” for many people when they were kids. In the game, you will control Mario and other characters as they keep running and jumping over gaps and obstacles. You can also time the jumping to collect coins, which is the main currency in this game. The game features four different modes, World Tour, Kingdom Builder, Toad Rally, and Remix 10. Though in each mode the basic mechanism and operation are the same that you score by tapping the screen when the timing is good, each of the four modes has its unique experiences. The World Tour is the main mode of the game. In World Tour, your aim is to rescue Princess Peach who is kept by Bowser, who is your main enemy in this mode. There are a total of 24 different levels that you need to complete, after which, the additional World Star containing 9 levels will be unlocked. My favorite part about the World Tour mode is that each level happens in a different environment, such as an airship, plain, cave, clouds, and even a ghost house. The graphic design is so amazing to offer you a realistic experience in each environment without getting bored easily. There are also different colors of coins to be collected, making the gameplay even more complicated and interesting. There are a total of five pink coins can be found within brick blocks. After you get all of them, purple coins will be unlocked. And after you get all the five purple coins, black coins can be found in more challenging positions. With each tier of coins unlocked, the game changes a bit in terms of environment design and gaps and obstacles Show your skills to gather rare rewards can be super fun.


The World Star can be super entertaining but after some time you may feel it is repetitive. The Toad Rally mode is more challenging as you will be competing with (the ghost of) other players in one minute run under randomized levels. Your aim is to collect as many coins and toads as you can in one minute. Toads will appear randomly while certain actions such as rolling jump, vaulting jump, or achievements such as collecting a pink coin and being the first to touch the checkpoint flag will attract toads. Like coins, toads are also in different colors depending on which environment the current level features. You can find all five toads in different colors including red, blue, green, yellow, and purple.


Kingdom Builder mode is my favorite mode of this game and is what I think make Super Mario Run outstanding against other running game. It’s not just timing the tapping, so the character keeps running. You are able to customize the area to your liking. You can build various buildings and decorations and place them down in the way you like. Some of these structures are just for aesthetic purposes while others can be used to obtain coins, new characters, and other bonus rewards. The Kingdom Builder mode is much linked to the Toad Rally mode in the way that the more toads you unlock in the Toad Rally mode, the more sections that you can place objects on in the Kingdom Builder mode. 


Remix 10 is where you eventually rescue the princess. You will need to go through 30 areas, with each containing 10 levels played in a row. Like the World Star mode, you need to keep running and at the same time, collect as many bonuses and medals as you can. One thing I think the game developer can improve is diverse characters in this mode as you can only choose Mario for most of the levels under the Remix 10 mode.


By Billy | Copyright © Character100 - All Rights Reserved

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It is kind of fun
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i like it
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Thomas Buckland

Aug 20, 2023
The new Super Mario bros Movie has been released on 2023
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i like the game
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