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  • Developer : Outfit7 Limited
  • Updated : May 15, 2023
  • Version : 2.6.3
  • Developer : Outfit7 Limited
  • Updated : Nov 29, 2022

Editor‘s Review

Talking Tom & Ben News is an interactive and entertaining virtual news app created by Outfit7. This amusing and engaging app features the popular characters Talking Tom and his best friend, Ben, as news anchors that report the news together. The game is specifically designed for users who want to have fun and create their news stories, record videos, and share them with their friends and family through various social media platforms.

The app's graphics are vibrant, visually appealing, and excellent quality making it a delightful experience, especially for young users. The characters, Tom and Ben, are designed with a great deal of attention to detail and come to life with smooth animations, adding value to the user's experience. Both Tom and Ben are endearing, and their unique personalities and quirks keep users engaged throughout the gameplay.

Talking Tom & Ben News features a simple and user-friendly interface that allows players to dive right into the action without any difficulty. The primary feature of the game is the ability to create news broadcasts, offering several customization options. Players can choose between various backgrounds, characters, and props to make their news stories more appealing and fun. This provides an excellent opportunity for users to express their creativity and produce original content.

In addition to the news broadcast feature, the game includes several interactive elements that further enhance the user's experience. With an option to record videos of Tom and Ben, players can capture the characters in motion, dressed up in different outfits, dancing, and even singing. These fun features make Talking Tom & Ben News a perfect app to entertain young children while sparking their creativity and imagination.

Another interesting feature of the app is the ability to import content from external sources, such as pictures and videos. This allows users to include their personalized content in the stories they create, which adds a unique touch to their news broadcasts.

One notable downside to the Talking Tom & Ben News app is the prevalence of advertisements and in-app purchases. The game is available for free, but it comes with integrated advertisements that appear frequently, which may be distracting for some users. Additionally, the app offers in-app purchases for extra content like clothing and props for the characters, which can become costly if one chooses to indulge.

Another potential drawback may be the repetitive nature of the gameplay. While the app does provide several options for customization, those who seek complex gameplay may eventually find the game lacking in terms of challenging quests or tasks.

Despite these drawbacks, Talking Tom & Ben News is a charming and enjoyable app that appeals to children and adults alike. The game's core features and the option to create personalized news broadcasts make it an excellent platform for encouraging creativity and unique self-expression.

The app is safe and suitable for children as it requires parental consent for accessing the internet, sharing content, and enabling in-app purchases. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that the app is both entertaining and secure for their children.

In conclusion, Talking Tom & Ben News is an entertaining, engaging, and creative app that manages to capture the essence of both Talking Tom and Ben characters while providing a platform for users to create and share their news stories. It's designed for children and adults alike, so it's perfect for family fun as well as individual creative exploration. The vibrant graphics, smooth animations, and easy-to-use interface further enhance the user's experience.

While the advertisements and in-app purchases may be a slight inconvenience, the app overall offers a unique and enjoyable experience. If you're looking for an amusing and interactive app for yourself or your children, then Talking Tom & Ben News is definitely worth a try.   

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