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  • Version : 2.4
  • Developer : Rockstar Games
  • Updated : Feb 13, 2019
  • Version : 1.2
  • Developer : Rockstar Games
  • Updated : Mar 6, 2019

Editor‘s Review

GTA: Liberty City is another great generation of the series. The GTA series had brought up possibilities of how wild and violent a video game can be on the market. This generation is also well designed and you will be playing as someone who just returned to Liberty City. You will be completing jobs and working with families you don’t trust. Tony and Salvatore who are the main characters in the generation inspire players to be more familiar with this new generation because of their reappearance. The plot is quite straight although you might think it’s quite complicated at the beginning of the game.


There are no actual good guys or bad guys in this game which I like a lot cause it’s set up like the real world. There is no right or wrong or good or bad, in which the ultimate difference is just different perspectives. Rockstar spent a lot of time making each series have different feelings and plot twists. The reason I enjoy it from generation to generation is that Rockstar did an awesome job of keeping each generation different but at the same time, maintaining its high quality. The voice cast and storyline are amazingly developed and I enjoy watching those different storyline videos because of that.


One of the best decisions Rockstar made about this generation is the continuity of different series. So for instance, in this Liberty City Stories, you will be entering a mission while driving a vehicle in a tunnel and the interesting fact about this tunnel is that it’s still under construction. And you will be able to see this exact tunnel being fully constructed on GTA III. This shows how Rockstar appreciates their work and the willingness of keeping the series together. One fun thing that I noticed about this game is that the game is constantly being constructed. If you take a little tour around the neighborhood, you will see bridges being remodeled or buildings being constructed. It feels like Liberty City is under construction and you will be like: “Wow, this place needs some serious work to upgrade!” You will be passing through missions and unlock different things along the way.


One of the coolest features and the game settings I love the most is that you will have to get through missions to unlock different parts of the map! It might sound like a lot of work and you will have to spend a lot of time there but it’s really fun to get through to the other side. I still remember myself as a kid trying to go across the bridge at all costs. I tried to drive through it or use motorcycles to do stun turns just waiting to get across. I didn’t realize the only requirement for you to get across is to get to a certain part of the main missions. I still remember how I got mad after losing the saved game material and has to get back to the older main missions to pass to get to the other side of the bridge. This setting is sort of like what Rockstar was doing recently on the new GTA online map where they added a heist mission to the original map. It’s like a free DLC but you will be able to explore something else other than the big city.


Overall, this game provides more details and more ideologies than before and I appreciate how Rockstar surprises us with all those modifications and improvements just to make sure generations are getting better. If you never played the Liberty City Stories in your life, I would recommend you to get a vintage PSP and try it for yourself!


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