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  • Version : 1.5.3
  • Developer : Hippo Kids Games
  • Updated : Aug 15, 2022
  • Version : 1.3
  • Developer : Hippo Kids Games
  • Updated : Apr 16, 2022

Editor‘s Review

Masha and the Bear: Dentist might not be the most famous Masha mobile game that’s on the market, but it’s still one of my favorite children's games when talking about becoming a dentist. The game has like 10 million downloads or a bit more and it’s designed for kids or adults who want to get the same feeling as when they were kids.


As you can tell by its name, it’s still an educational game from Hippo Kids Games, and just so you know, the game is based on the Russian anime series called Masha and the Bear. I’ve never really heard a lot about the game until recently and to be honest with you guys, before hearing about this game, I’ve never really got into contact with dentists' mobile games. This is the first revolutionary mobile game that I see myself in being a dentist. I’ve seen a lot of other categories of simulation of jobs or life interests like being a hair designer or being a wonderful cook, but a being dentist is more fun than I think it’s.


One of my favorite features of games is that they are different sceneries for you to deal with. I love how I have different patients and they might be in different conditions with their teeth. There are types of equipment that the kids will be using to help their patients that I see in real life. So the developers did a great job of finishing this game with the easy guild lines but still letting the kids get a sense of what a real-life dentist feels like. This game is great in another sense when you think that putting the kids in the costume of their favorite cartoon character while helping the animal patients from the series will boost their confidence to see a real-life dentist or doctor. The kids will probably get to know that the dentists are there to help them not to hurt them.


Also, I like a lot about the game’s still surround the anime series since the storyline and the background setting are still in the forest and you will be lucky enough to see a lot of characters from the cartoon and you will love to help them in this game if you are a big fan for the cartoon. The emotions of each character whether on Masha or her patients are the cutest thing you will ever see and I love how they designed the games like this. There isn’t a hard mechanism in this game since all you have to do is pick out the tools you think it’s necessary for the job and put them to use. In real-life cases, tooth and just mouth, in general, might be a disaster to take a look at but in this game, the developers use a more cartoonish approach to the mouth which makes it easy but still real in the game.


Something else I want to bring up is the dentist hospital “truck” has Russian characters on there which is surprising to me because the developers didn’t forget about the anime series in this game. It shows their appreciation for the anime and I love the game for that since I’m a big fan of the cartoon.


The game might have some flaws like taking a long time to load or having too many ads to watch, but it’s a great game from the Masha series and I would recommend this game to the parents I’ve encountered. There isn’t a lot to complain and I’m so glad that I found some mobile games amazingly designed like this one.


By Eric | Copyright © Character100 - All Rights Reserved 

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