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  • Developer : Outfit7 Limited
  • Updated : Apr 26, 2022
  • Version : 3.10.2
  • Developer : Outfit7 Limited
  • Updated : May 12, 2022

Editor‘s Review

Talking Tom Cat has to be one of the most famous video games that’s ever out there in the market. It sounds like a vintage game already even though it has only been out for several years. You’d be surprised how games evolved and the fact that Talking Tom Cat is such a great success is because it’s a brand new ideology and a new design.


Talking Tom Cat is a video game app that grants you access to a Cat named Tom and you can probably already tell by the title, that one of Tom’s abilities is to talk. You can interact with Tom in a lot of ways by simply tapping on the screen and making different gestures. As a cat owner and an all-time video game player, this game is evolutionary in a lot of ways. In the game, your cat will be able to talk which I wish my cats would have done in real life. And I always wanted to have a real cat before because I used to only get hamsters at the house, so this game feels like a dream come true and I greatly appreciate what the developers have done to create an imagery friend with that I can share thoughts and play with him.


This game is iconic in a lot of ways with more than 13 billion downloads and there was a trend where everyone around me was playing this game because of how great it is. The designs are not that complicated and the game itself is quite straightforward. The only reason this game attracted so much attention is that the game was published around the time when mobile games became a thing and the things that you can do in this game with all the interaction with a human-like animal makes the game stand out more than ever. Talking Tom Cat is also for kids and teenagers-friendly because they won’t be doing a lot of violent and graphic moves unlike some of the other games on the market. So kids love this game and parents are majorly okay with their kids playing this game.


During the gameplay, you have the option to change the appearance of your own talking Tom Cat and you certainly can ask your Talking Tom Cat a lot of questions that are on your mind. This reminds me of one of the best features when the game first came out a long time ago. It’s that whatever you say to the Talking Tom Cat, the Cat will imitate you by saying the same thing in a more distorted and hilarious voice. Nobody would think that an app could archive that high level of interaction at the time because apps at that time only require you to tap on your screen or type in things, so there were no video game apps that can accomplish a high interaction Feature like echoing your voice. The other feature that I like a lot is that all the gestures and human acts from the Cat are just funny and interesting. You can make the Cat farts like a real human being and I laughed so hard when first playing this game. These types of ideologies of combining a human being with an animal make the market crowded with people.


Overall, Talking Tom Cat is one of the best games in video games history and it can also be understood as one of the founding fathers of other interactive video games yet to come. I would recommend you reinstall the game and try to get the old days' fun back again. And if you never tried this game before, I would recommend you try it as soon as possible, otherwise, you are missing out.


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