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  • Version : 3.6
  • Developer : Nickelodeon
  • Updated : Oct 27, 2017
  • Version : 3.64
  • Developer : Nickelodeon
  • Updated : Oct 2017

Editor‘s Review

Paw Patrol Rescue Run is a kid mobile game app that will take you to experience the puppy rescue world with your best buddies which are the famous pups on the show. In the game, you will be doing different actions with the pups and there are obstacles on the way that you need to take care of them.


The graphics in the game look like it’s from 10 years ago which I completely don’t understand why. The background looks like it’s part of a picture being dug out and the resolution of the graphics looks just terrible. I hope the developers of the game could spend more time making the gameplay more smoothly running and make sure the graphics don't look this vintage. With modern-day technology, it shouldn’t be hard to make the graphics better than it’s right now. The developers should spend less time publishing more Paw Patrol series games instead of focusing on how to revise the old ones to make them classic.


The mechanism of the game is pretty great since you will be playing the game using the pup’s special skills just like in the animate series. There are multiple locations and characters you can choose from to be a part of and your main job is to unite the pup group and cooperate with them to do different tasks. I like how the game functions but it seems pretty repetitive like the other ones Paw Control games that were published NIckelodeon and this one doesn’t have a lot of downloads the main reason behind it I think is the fact the developers didn’t spend enough time in the game to make it worth playing. The game also costs a bit much for 4 dollars and the thing I couldn’t stand for after the 4 bucks are after the second or third missions in the game, you will spend more money on the game to unlock 2 extra levels. I don’t see the point of making the extra several bucks to unlock while the game already spends my money. It seems unnecessary and more like a scam to the players because it’s asking for more for extra content. I get that there are DLCs in the large games, like Monster hunters but for a mobile game, it seems a complete rip-off from the players.


The game is relatively fun for players who are younger than 5 and one things I love about this game despite the cheap quality of graphics, is the game has 0 ads. This is just amazing to see what the developers have done for the players by erasing the ads, so it came to my mind why would the other parts of the game aren’t as great as the developers done here. The game has a lot of content so it’s hard for the players to get bored easily and players can play this game over and over again. Be advised the game won’t download on some devices after purchasing the game. I hope the developers could do something with the glitches like this to make the game more playable.


To conclude this game, it’s a decent game with good mechanisms but it doesn’t have the best graphics. So if you are looking for something like Genshin Impact, this game doesn’t fulfill your wishes by any chance. If you are a big fan of the Paw Patrol animate, the game is great with all the characters and you would have a great time hanging out with them. I would recommend parents download this game for the kids who enjoy watching Paw Patrol!


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