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  • Developer : Outfit7 Limited
  • Updated : Aug 2, 2022
  • Version : 3.3.3
  • Developer : Outfit7 Limited
  • Updated : Jun 22, 2022

Editor‘s Review

My Talking Tom 2 is another great version of mobile video games in the market after the great success of the release of the original series of Talking Tom Cat. The company took its chances and provide players with more series of interactive cat video games.


In this game, you will be having a great experience of owning a human-like Cat. Unlike in real life, this cat doesn’t use a litter box nor do they lose hair. They are just there for you whenever you need them using your phone by simply opening up the app. This game is a life savior for kids or adults who feel lonely wanting a pet but real-life circumstance doesn’t allow it. Another factor that makes this game stand out is this is an all-age-friendly app, so you can let your kids or someone much older in your family try this app. They don’t even necessarily have to know how a cell phone works by some simple tapping and talking on the phone. I still get all nostalgic while remembering one of my nieces yelling at the cat for no reason with the cat responding in a much more calming and relaxing voice. That part of memory will never get old. So memories and events like that make this game legendary because good video games will make you remember it for a long time even if you never played it for a while.


The game is appropriate for all ages and I believe legitimately no one would want to go back home to a lonely apartment with no one in there and just sit on your couch doing nothing. That’s how this game is great because you will always get time or just chill after either stressful work or study-related topics. There is nothing else that’s more important once you opened this game from the beginning. And also not to mention how much I love their little mini-games that are set up in there, they are small games but they added more fun to the game in a lot of ways. If you are a guy or a girl who loves changing characters’ appearance, you will also be given the chance in this game of switching Tom’s outfit using the Cat currency. If you are a cat or a dog owner, you would enjoy this process more because there is not that much you can do to real cats or dogs in the real world.


In addition, this generation will ask you to take good care of the cat, so you will have to feed the game or provide him/her with enough water as well. One of the game feature that players enjoy the most has to be teasing or playing with the cat by simply tapping on different parts of the cat. Since I own a cat at home, I do know how the cat would behave if I choose to tease them by either scratching or touching different parts of his body. So they most undoubtedly did a good job of portraying how the cat would react in its way instead of just making things up. Oh, forget to mention, in this generation, you will also have a chance to buy accessories for your cat or try to build his house by adding more touches there.


To conclude, the game is definitely worth your time and there is no cost to playing this game. You will be able to play this game whenever and where ever you want to. I think you would benefit a lot from having such an adorable cat on your phone.


By Eric | Copyright © Character100 - All Rights Reserved

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Dec 28, 2022
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Jan 01, 1970


Jan 15, 2024
A good game
Jan 01, 1970


May 20, 2024
I heard these games can watch you and hunt you down
Jan 01, 1970


May 22, 2024
i love this game and i have not played this in a long time and that's why i am getting this game
Jan 01, 1970