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  • Developer : Outfit7 Limited
  • Updated : Jun 30, 2022
  • Version : 3.45
  • Developer : Outfit7 Limited
  • Updated : Jul 2022

Editor‘s Review

Talking Tom Hero Dash is another good game that’s in the category of talking Tom. As you can probably tell by its name, this time is about being the animal heroes and defeating the bad guys, and helping to resolve crimes. This generation is different from the previous generation by just simply talking or petting your animals, this generation offers more than that.


In this game, you won’t be doing as much as talking to your cat but trying your best to capture the criminals. It’s sort of like subway surfers but you are the one who is doing the good things here by maintaining justice. The city is quite colorful in the background and the game itself is quite satisfying to play since it runs smoothly on multiple platforms. The basic control system in this game is like subway surfers as well, you will simply swipe left or right to avoid getting in contact with the upcoming obstacles and you can also jump across fences to avoid the upcoming blocks. The ultimate goal of this game is to try your very best to run as far as possible and on the way collect as much as coins as possible.


One thing I find interesting about this game but not necessarily inspiring is that on some occasions on your run, you will run into a cute raccoon and beat it up because it’s portraying the bad guy identity. This feature is funny and the first time I encountered I laughed so hard because I never saw that coming. The thing is that I think the developer could have done much more than just adding a clip of beating up random raccoons. If the developer chooses to add more elements from the Subway Surfers or provide players with more new ideologies like in the first generation of My Talking Tom Cat. It’s a shame that they couldn’t provide as much as they used to and I think that’s also one of the reasons why they don’t get as many downloads as before. You might also be wondering what’s the point of beating up raccoons, so the raccoons can be understood as collectible. You will be able to get a crate with the costume or other power-ups in the crate when you have collected 50 crates. So ultimately speaking, this is still a part of the feature that already exists in Subway Surfers because that’s exactly what you do in Subway Surfers where you collect segments of either a character or a pretty costume.


The game is good in terms of kids friendly because who doesn’t like cute dogs or cats running around in a big city with cool raccoons everywhere? The superhero-like outfits make it more adorable and for kids, all they want to be is to become a superhero. So this game is not necessarily for all ages because for us adults, we could like the Subway Surfers more than this sort of “knock-off game” since it’s less childish and more original in its way.


In conclusion, I feel like the developers fail the fans of the Talking Tom fans by limiting themselves to a small box of existing ideologies. They could be doing a lot more than copying the basic mechanism from other games. As a fan of the Talking Tom series, copying mechanisms from other games is the last thing I would want to see from them. Anyway, this game is great if you are tired of Subway Surfers or you are just a big fan of the Talking Tom series! Don’t hesitate to try it out while you can!


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Jun 03, 2023
I actually love this game so much
Jan 01, 1970

Building Costs

Jan 08, 2024
is long but fun I LOVE IT AMANDA I LOOVE IT
Jan 01, 1970