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  • Release date: April 28, 2017
  • Game file size: 7.4 GB
  • Publisher: Nintendo

Editor‘s Review

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a racing game developed by Japanese giant game maker Nintendo and is designed for the latest Nintendo gaming platform – Nintendo Switch. As one of the installments from the Mario Kart series, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe remains several classic components of the series while developing many new features. The game is also an enhanced version of the original Mario Kart 8, with more new characters, a brand-new battle mode, and more. Game playing is very much like other Mario racing games from the Mario universe, or go-karts games under other gaming brands, you will need to compete against your opponents on the racing track, find power-ups in item boxes and improve your performance, and hinder your opponents to win the game. One of my favorite features of the game is the anti-gravity design, in which players can drive on walls and ceilings. This feature brings you an extra feeling of fantasy to the game as this is not allowed in racing games in the real world. Under anti-gravity sections, you can expect a spin boost with an extra speed boost when you bump into your opponents or special bumpers.


There are a total of five battle modes in the game, balloon battle, renegade roundup, bob-omb blast, coin runners, and shine thief, each featuring a unique gaming experience. In the classic balloon battle, you will need to score high points by leveraging the items to pass by the balloons and just grab them. In the brand-new renegade roundup mode, you can experience the classic “cops and robbers” and play the role either of “the authorities” or “the renegades”. Your main goal as the cops is to capture the renegades using the Piranha Plant items, while as the robbers, your main goal is to escape from the capture. The renegades win if at least one team player survives when time runs out and the game ends. And the cops win if all robbers are captured. In the Bob-omb Blast mode, players are equipped with 10 bob-ombs which can be used to attack other players to score points. Other rules in this mode are mostly like balloon battles. So you can consider the bob-omb blast mode as a choice for the balloon battle mode, which you can play when you are tired of the balloon battle mode. The coin runners mode is my favorite mode of the game and is a legacy from the previous Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7. In this mode, your goal is to collect as many as coins by the end of the game. The coins are scattered across the racing track, and there is no limit on how many coins you are allowed to get, which is super cool. In the shine thief mode, you will need to retrieve the Shine Sprite and keep it for at least a few times (around 20 seconds) against attack from opponents, who shall use items to beat whoever in the game is having the Shine Sprite and make it drop.


I also fancy the course design of the game a lot. Battle stadium, sweet kingdom, dragon palace, lunar colony, Wuhu town, Luigi’s mansion, and others, each has an outstanding scenario design full of fantasy and fun. A trailer for each scene will be presented at the beginning of the game.


The biggest customized feature of the game is the characters. There is a total of nearly 50 characters you can choose from, consisting of characters from previous Mario Kart 8 and 7 new characters. As you proceed and win more games, more characters will be unlocked. There are also alternate costumes available for you to pick up.


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cool game
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Jun 24, 2023
nice game i play with Gavin C & Gavin B
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Jan 06, 2024
how do you play the game???
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egg scrembeler67

Feb 11, 2024
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