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  • Version : 1.5.0
  • Developer : Great Arcade Games
  • Updated : Jul 6, 2022
  • Version :
  • Developer : Great Arcade Games
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Editor‘s Review

We’re Imposters: Kill Together might seem like a graphic and violent game but it’s not. In the game, you will become two Imposters, either a red one or a blue one and the choice is in your hand. Don’t get yourself talked out of this game while seeing the funny but kind of evil smell on the cover of the game. Your main objective as already stated in the title is to kill. You are required to kill enemies and rescue your teammates and make sure they stay safe at all times.


Some traps are set up to kill you along your way. I like this set. After all, it adds more fun and elements to the game because it’s not just killing enemies at all costs. So you don’t want to stare at all your enemies at all times, but a large portion of time making sure your surrounding is good to go is also the key to the success of this game. There are all kinds of traps that are waiting for you, so please get yourself concentrated and always be prepared for the unknown on the way. Like any other game, your characters are different from one another, so the red and blue Imposters have different skills and abilities to eliminate targets so be strategical of coordinate the right character at the right time to overcome the difficulty of this game. I love the feature that these two characters aren’t just different in color but different in skills. The Switch of characters and making them fit their designated goals are more fun than just killing enemies. This feature reminds me of the game called It takes two where you will be spending time with someone to get back to real life using your unique skills. It’s about coordination and cooperation which are undoubtedly two of the best features I would want to see in a video game.


If you are an Among Us fan, you will probably tell from the name that this game is considered a follow-up series of Among Us using the same types of Imposters. Since I’m a big fan of the game Among Us, it’s investing to see those little Imposters do so many things that I’m not able to in Among Us in this game. In this game, you will simply play as a killer whose job is to kill all the crewmates in the spaceship.


It’s a cool game that there are not that many glitches or bugs that are being constantly reported. The smoothness of the overall gameplay is also quite decent and the fact that you can look around the map to make sure you have time to correspond to circumstances makes the game more enjoyable than ever. A shame about this game is the lack of co-op mode. Since nowadays games are majority co-ops where you can play with players online or your friends, this feels a little not to date. I would love to kill the crewmates with my fellows to see how score higher or to see who is simply better at thIs game. Since the game has been out for some time, people are starting to notice some bugs like watching the ad and not getting the reward and it kills players to see how that functions. Also, things like players are not able to play at certain levels make me overwhelmed as well. Those are minor mistakes and bugs that will be easily fixed and I truly hope the developers can get on that and give the players a great game experience back like the old days!


By Eric | Copyright © Character100 - All Rights Reserved

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