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  • Version : 1.10
  • Developer : Rockstar Games
  • Updated : Jun 29, 2022
  • Version : 1.8
  • Developer : Rockstar Games
  • Updated : May 21, 2019

Editor‘s Review

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a great all-time favorable game and it’s a great game that spins rounds of fast cars and rimes and the material combined in this game. So you would imagine how people would feel at the time when this game came out including those tense feelings and actions. This game was published on PC and also for PS2. 


Okay, let’s get into the game itself. If you tried the other generation of the GTA series, you probably already knew what’s on there. The Vice City version has a more powerful storyline and the character are well designed. So the main character is more realistic and more appealing to the players because it feels like the character is someone you just met. Missions take longer than before, so you might want to save up enough time to play this game. Also, I’ve known a fun fact since I’ve been a GTA fan for such a long time. I think one of the most famous characters shows up in GTA V missions as well. So you can really tell how Rockstar wants its games to have those types of connections. It’s nice and welcoming to see those old characters being added back to add more elements. Anyway, back to the main topic. So this game allows you to experience more things in the gameplay. The variety of game modes and missions increased from before. And also in this generation, you will be able to enter different buildings which you couldn’t have done in the relatively older generation. You will even get a chance to save up and purchase real estate! How exciting is that! Those features add more and more things to explore in the world of GTA.


I love how the Rockstar developers added dashes of updates of weapons and cars from the previous generation. It seems like they actually care about how players feel and always wanted to offer things to the table. It’s quite nice to see those improvements and those updates because we as a community care about the Grand Theft Auto Series. Rockstar published the PC version after the PS2 version. So you are an old fan of the series or you are just someone who is willing to try the Vice city generation. I would recommend playing it on PC because the graphics are so much better. You will also get a chance to customize different settings and change the character’s skin which you probably won’t be able to do on the PS2 version. 


Let’s talk a little bit about the background settings and where the game is set to place. It’s the year 1980 and you will be playing a character called Tommy. And unfortunately enough, you are still part of the gang member which you normally play as in the previous generation. Anyway, so Vice City is an imagined city located in Florida. You will be using your wisdom and try your very best to use violence and drugs to gain fame and fortune. 


The key things you will have to go through like the majority of the Grand Theft Auto games, as it legit says on the title, you will be a car theft and drive cars to do crimes. There are a large variety of cars that are available for you to choose from. The AI feature in this game is also great since you will be seeing civilians fighting one another or policemen chasing someone. Those features make the city feels real and I enjoy the game the most when it’s most close to reality. 


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