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  • Version : 2.00
  • Developer : Rockstar Games
  • Updated : Apr 13, 2019
  • Version : 2.2
  • Developer : Rockstar Games
  • Updated : Apr 12, 2019

Editor‘s Review

The Grand Theft Auto Series is my personal all-time favorite because this type of open worlds adventure introduced the younger me into the world of video games. I tried to play the first GTA series on my PSP which is a PlayStation series console. Those are great times for me to share and have a little world of missions and random things that I won’t be able to do in the real world. I’ve been such a fan of the GTA series since then. Grand Theft Auto 5 is my second favorite game I spend hundreds of hours there just to discover the open world and fulfills all my wishes that I won’t be able to achieve in the real world.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an older version that was published by a rockstar in the early 21 century. It was published on PS2 at the beginning. The game has been a charm since then and people can’t resist how great it is. It’s one of the biggest RPGs in-game history and this game contains different stories which are more than any games on the market at the time. This game led people to realize the new modern game industry. It’s just such a masterpiece that our human generations spend time on and it’s an epic game in my mind.


I still remembered the first time I played the San Andreas Series when I was younger, everything looks so clean and I was often time doubting how could they fit everything on these small consoles and how the game grants so many things that I will be able to do. I was introduced to the wonderful city world of San Andreas and I was shocked to see this game as a completely “stranger”. I can choose to drive my car to pretend that I’m part of the gang or I can do missions to explore the world of criminals and adventures. The story of this game is amazing and set up amazingly. The plots and storylines are connected which makes everything makes perfect sense. The background music of this game is also unbelievably iconic and it’s just such a masterpiece that even nowadays’ GTA still uses that music sometimes. The reason what makes those background music and sound effects so great is also because when people hear the melodies or the lyrics, people will get a clear image of San Andreas immediately if they ever played the game in the past. How much freedom was given in the game is also crazy to see when I first time saw it. You can do whatever in want in the game and you have so many choices to choose from. Every day you can do anything you want and it doesn’t matter what exactly you do.


The best feature in the San Andreas series or a broader term, all GTA series. it’s the ability to drive all kinds of vehicles. You have the chance to maneuver a helicopter or you can go wild driving a sports car. The game storyline is also related to you driving all kinds of stuff to accomplish the missions. So people always say how the game doesn’t feel like an open-world game but instead of a driving game. You spend a lot of time just simply driving. The textures and shapes of the buildings and the design of vehicles are so amazing for the game at its prime time. Everything looks so realistic and even the pedestrians have different actions on the street corners.


This game is just a masterpiece and there are so many things you will be able to see if you never tried this game. So don’t hesitate!


By Eric | Copyright © Character100 - All Rights Reserved 

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Mar 04, 2023
best game ever i almost bet it
Jan 01, 1970


May 20, 2023
I like your Game
Jan 01, 1970


May 20, 2023
my ferret character is farcin
Jan 01, 1970