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  • Version : 1.6.2
  • Developer : OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
  • Updated : Mar 11, 2022
  • Version :
  • Developer : OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
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Editor‘s Review

Imposter Master: Imposter solo is a mobile game with a million downloads and you can already tell by the name of Imposter, this is a game that's based on among us characters. Since Among Us went viral on the internet, there are so many knock-off games and so many related topic games in all shapes of forms and some of them are not even close to the quality of Among Us.


In the game, your job is to sabotage the ship like what you should be doing if you are in the Among Us game as a killer. You will have to fool others anonymously while killing everyone. To be honest with you all, this game doesn’t look good in so many ways and I just want to inform you guys some facts. The graphics in this game look like it was published 10 years ago and even on their introductory page on google play, their game screenshot photos still look terrible. ANd the game looks like it could use more details and higher resolution. Everything looks too easy on this game and I feel like this game is not designed for adults to play but only for kids. The background setting looks decent with not enough features which I think it’s okay and everything cost too much in this game to buy characters or new costumes. As a player of the game, I felt like the developers are only after my money not after anything else.


It’s always quite disappointing to see video games turn out like this because video games company should think more about the quality of their games instead of how to earn that quick money. As a video game fan, I feel ashamed and annoyed by the current circumstances. There are some positive sides to the game if you choose to look at things from another perspective. The whole control system is simple, you practically just have to hold and drag to move your character around the ship to go to the place you want it to be. The interface menu looks clean and easy to access. One thing I do like about this game is the option for you to have a good time with your friends whether online or on a different tablet.


However, the game faces more challenges and difficulties that are constantly brought up by the players. There is a certain level that is impossible to defeat and I would just want to ask the game creators what’s the exact point of setting something up that’s indestructible and still letting players try. Do they even pay attention to those types of details or do they just choose to not give the game a test run at all? This game like many other small mobile games especially those that follow a hot or popular topic or characters have all the same problem which is the non-stop 24-7 advertisements. This is just annoying to see an ad pop up on your screen all the time while you are just trying to have a good time with the game. The reason behind what I said is that I didn’t download the game to watch ads but to play. Imposter Master: Imposter solo also suffers from all the crashes. The basic mechanism is kinda off at the same time where there is only one job which is the killer killing everyone in the game which seems boring after a while. There’s not a role for the crewmates and I feel like it would be super beneficial if the game adds on a crewmates role for players to try out. Anyway, this game has quite a few downsides and I wouldn’t recommend spending too much time on this game.

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