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  • Version : 1.04
  • Developer : Rockstar Games
  • Updated : May 21, 2019
  • Version : 4.5
  • Developer : Rockstar Games
  • Updated : May 13, 2019

Editor‘s Review

GTA: Chinatown Wars is another great sub-series after San Andreas. And you can probably tell from the name already. The game is mainly set up in Chinatown and which means there are quite a lot of Chinese elements in the game. This action shows how rockstar respects the diversity of society and it’s always nice to see something else than what people normally see. It’s refreshing and the game is still such a wonderful game like the rest of the GTA series. Let me get started on how specific parts of the games succeed in their way.


You can play this game on PlayStation Portable which was also known as PSP when it first came out and rockstar also gives you the chance to play this game on iPhone despite some interface issues that you might encounter in the game. I’ve always been a big fan of the PSP console because it was considered the best type at the time when I was younger so it’s always nice to hear that this game was also published on PSP. I appreciate how rockstar makes the game available for different platforms. In this game, you will be playing as Huang Lee, a son of the Triad ganglord. So after your father's death, you will have to pass through missions to keep the gang empire, but you were ambushed in Liberty City. So the game sets its place in Liberty city and you, as Huang Lee, will have to seek your way to vengeance. The storyline of the game is strong and there are quite a lot of elements in the stories as well, such as humor and dramas. The plot writers did an excellent job of expressing the stories.


The game is in a cartoonish style and it’s refreshing to check it out. The background which is the city is still in awesome shape that even if you don’t look intentionally, still get the feeling that you are playing a video game in the real world. The city surrounding you make the game more appealing with all those details. Also one of the most fun features in the GTA series, is Vehicle Camera Look, in which you can take the view of an actual driver. It’s quite realistic and it’s always fun for me to try, personally speaking. I enjoy it when I’m pressing on keywords or pushing bottoms on my consoles to make myself feels like driving in the real world. The game has a lot to offer with this feature because it’s not just driving a car. You can switch to this camera view whenever you want no matter which vehicle you are using. So you can change your camera view while you are driving a boat or flying an airplane. The only small problem I have with this feature is that your head gets a little dizzy after a while driving in that camera view because the screen isn’t big enough like what you normally see through a car window.


The combat and driving experience is ultimate and I enjoy every second while playing this game. The control of driving using the arrows of turning left and right can be a little tricky to get since nowadays games use different control systems for the majority, especially considering the newer generation of the GTA series. The variety of missions in this series is also overwhelmingly incredible because you will do all kinds of crazy moves that you only mainly see in movies. You will be hijacking fuel tankers or putting out fires and so on. The GTA series will always surprise you with how much brainstorming the developers can have for the gratification of the game players.


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