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  • Version : 1.44.0
  • Developer : Rovio
  • Updated : Jul 1, 2022
  • Version : 1.44.1
  • Developer : Rovio
  • Updated : Jul 6, 2022

Editor‘s Review

Not only did Angry Birds become one of the most successful early titles in the history of mobile gaming, but it also became a well-known brand all over the world during this period. Angry Birds has released a brand new game called Angry Birds Dream Blast, which is a bubble-shooting puzzle game. The gameplay is quite comparable to triple elimination, however, there is one key distinction between the two. When playing "Angry Birds Dream Blast," players will come across a large number of bubbles of varying hues. Tapping a bubble will cause a variety of angry birds to appear on the screen. Players must then follow the on-screen instructions to tap the bubble to eliminate rows or pieces of bubbles. Once enough bubbles have been eliminated, they will be able to progress to the next level. Each time you advance to a new level, a new chain will be formed according to the laws of physics, with all of the newly generated fantasy bubbles collapsing together to form the new link.


It is fair to say that, in terms of gameplay, "Angry Birds Dream Blast" is somewhat comparable to the triple elimination, even though there are numerous key differences. In contrast to the standard rule, which states that you must collect three bubbles before you can pop them, this game features a massive foundation of bubbles to pop that you will find as you progress. Players who are accustomed to playing games with three rounds of elimination will feel extremely comfortable with the aesthetics of Angry Birds Dream Blast; yet, they will experience a unique sensation as a result of the game's distinct mode of play. At the same time, the official promotion promised "every Friday a new level," but they also introduced additional unknown fun to the game. At this moment, more than one million copies of Angry Birds Dream Blast have been downloaded from the official app store, and the game's content has been determined to be appropriate for users of all ages. It is highly advised that players who are fans of the Angry Birds series as well as games that involve three rounds of elimination try their hand at it.


Angry Birds Dream Blast is an outstanding and imaginative puzzle game that features stunning graphics, attractive characters, and cartoon animations that will lead you into a bizarre fantasy world. You are not restricted by either time or location when playing Angry Birds Dream Blast; you are free to do it whenever and anywhere you like. In Angry Birds Dream Blast, the birds' abilities have been leveled up, and you'll be able to use the unique abilities of your favorite Angry Birds characters to help you get through the puzzles. Additionally, Angry Birds Dream Blast is all about working together with your pals to achieve victory, as the game takes place in a fantastical environment. If you want to be successful in this game, you will need to collaborate with your friends. In addition, Angry Birds Dream Blast includes more than 5000 levels of increasingly difficult puzzles for you to solve.


Angry Birds Dream Blast is a game that, all things considered, should be on your to-play list. When you are feeling worried and dissatisfied in your life or at work, you may quickly relieve your stress by opening this game whenever you want, whenever you want, and it will do so. The gameplay is meant to be entertaining, and there are no limits placed on the number of levels that can be completed, making this a fantastic puzzle game. What are you holding out for exactly? In Angry Birds Dream Blast, you'll find yourself in a wondrous new universe. There is a wondrous world out there just waiting for you to explore it!


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