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  • Version : 2023.4.0
  • Developer : Budge Studios
  • Updated : Jul 21, 2023
  • Version : 2023.4
  • Developer : Budge Studios
  • Updated : Jul 25, 2023

Editor‘s Review

It turns you into a superhero and protects the city of Paris. Having characters directly originating from the film Ladybug and Cat Noir, Miraculous Life is an action game featuring familiar characters and settings. It is developed by Budge Studios and is free of charge for players to install on their mobile devices. However, it contains ads as well as in-app purchases. On Google Play, Miraculous Life has been rated with an average rating score of 4.5 stars out of 5 and has received 34.7k reviews. It has been installed by more than 5 million players all around the world. Based on the statistics shown above, we can see that Miraculous Life has a pretty impressive app store performance and has achieved great success. The game is suitable for players of all age ranges. Players will play the role of characters in Ladybug and Cat Noir and fight against rivals to rescue the city of Paris. You can freely explore the city with friends and try to complete different hero missions throughout the exploration. The styles of your characters can be customized with your imagination and creativity, and you can use your room of Marinette as a hideout.

In the beginning, your characters are still ordinary people and you are the one who is supposed to help them achieve the transformation from common people to superheroes. Now, the whole city of Paris is under the threat of super villains and your characters are the only hope of the city. Reveal their full and true potential using your wisdom and power them up through the gameplay. Every time you successfully help a person in need, you will be rewarded with magic ladybug coins. Apart from covering the missions to help others, players can also decorate the house of the characters, especially the inner style of the house. New paint can be used to decorate the wall apart from the wallpaper, and new furniture is at your disposal. What’s more, the look of the characters can also be customized. Dress them up with your favorite outfits and shoes and decorate them with pretty and unique accessories. The game is children-friendly and even kids at pre-schools and kindergartens can enjoy it. 

The game offers subscriptions on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, so players can choose any of them based on their personal situations and preferences. One thing that should be noted is that once players choose a certain subscription plan, the subscription will be automatically renewed once the current one is over, so players who don’t want to do so need to turn off the auto-renew function 24 hours before the next round of subscription. What’s more no refund will be available for players to apply for if they choose to cancel their subscription. A free trial can be enjoyed by each player one time only. Generally speaking, Miraculous Life is a fun action game featuring many amazing features. Yet, the controls are not that smooth and flexible, and unlocking new characters is difficult and might cost players a lot of money. Finally, players need to pay for the dressing and gift boxes. If the developers could listen to the advice of players and improve the game based on their suggestions, Miraculous Life would definitely become even more popular among players all over the world. It not only offers chances for players to fully explore Paris while carrying out missions but also enables them to customize the characters and the house by encouraging them to motivate their imagination and creativity. Therefore, the game is of educational meaning.

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