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  • Version : 0.12
  • Developer : Telltale
  • Updated : Nov 1, 2017
  • Version : 1.10
  • Developer : Telltale
  • Updated : Aug 12, 2020

Editor‘s Review

Batman: The Enemy Within is a great game that explores the deep inside of Bruce Wayne. The game as you can tell by the title already, it’s about the struggle of the Bat man’s inner heart and how he deals with things, and what’s the reason behind it. The game is available for Xbox and PS4 and PCs and so on, so this is a great game that will take you into the superhero’s heart. This game is also a sub-sequence of the generation of the Batman: Telltale series.


You will be controlling Bruce Wayne to explore the city of Gotham and your main job is to keep everyone safe. It’s like a point-and-click game experience which I adore and the fact that the graphics and resolution look amazingly done add more fun to the game with my higher-end pc. The main feature of this game is conversation-based which means you will do a lot of dialogues in this generation and take whole control of where the plot is gonna go to. If you are a big action game guy and looking for a lot of combat or action in this game, I’m sorry to inform you but this game is not gonna satisfied your wishes by any chance. One of the best features I love about this game is the fact that no matter what you go for or choose in the dialogues, there will be subsequential consequences after it which makes it feel like real life. So no matter what choice you finally make or what words are coming out of the character’s mouth, somebody is going to get annoyed or pissed off at you. This is extremely realistic just like in real life there is no best answer and as sort of a people pleaser, this game overwhelmed me for quite a feel moments when I failed to accomplish the fact to make everyone around me to be happy.


The game is great in that although knowing you are trying to be the justice-good guy who tries to save everyone, the line of the game is so amazingly designed. About the line, you might ask, what exactly is the “line”? The line I’m pointing out right now is the line between good and evil which is the permanent topic in this game. It’s quite reflective if you think about it, the game brought up the fact which I agree is that there is only a thin line between good and evil, and the fact that good and evil are nothing but from multiple perspectives makes this game more interesting.


Your journey will be affected by all the choices you make and the pressure and stress pouring on Bruce Wayne will make you as a player emotionally connected and more involved in the game. One thing I also love about this game is that you won’t know who is being real to you or whoever wants to be the supporter behind your back. Everyone could change and nothing is certain your enemies could be your friends and your friends could be your enemy. The narrative of the game is just fantastic.


Overall, this is a great game that will take you through places of inner thoughts of Batman and know there is always darkness behind brightness. It’s the struggle that makes people wonder what’s the meaning of life. After playing this game, I felt so reflected and I start to think about my life and relationship. This is exactly what a good game would do to you by making the game a part of your life journey.


By Eric | Copyright © Character100 - All Rights Reserved

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