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  • Version : 1.0.2b
  • Developer : Gameloft SE
  • Updated : Jul 12, 2023
  • Version : 1.0.9
  • Developer : Gameloft SE
  • Updated : Sep 14, 2023

Editor‘s Review

Are you a fast runner? If you are, join this game to check out how far your potential could reach! In this running game called Sonic Runners Adventure developed and launched by Gameloft SE, players will experience a speedy journey with the Sonic characters. It takes players 4.49 dollars to install the game on their mobile devices. On Google Play, it has so far received an average rating score of 4.2 stars out of 5 and has received 10.9k reviews. It has been installed by more than 100k players all around the world. The game is suitable for players of all age ranges. 

Meet Sonic, the Hedgehog, together with his friends and participate in this runner game packed with actions. You will get speed fever after trying this game and get ready for a series of smooth actions, varying from running, jumping, and dashing, to flying. New characters will be unlocked as the progression of the game, each having their own special skills for you to take advantage of during the future rounds and helping you power up. Your enemy is Dr. Eggman, who has been to 4 different locations and you are supposed to chase and catch him. The game is in a compact size so you can immediately start playing the game once you have installed the package on your mobile devices. Throughout your running, there will be various obstacles and villains on your path and you need to strategically choose your favorite characters to overcome those difficulties with their super skills. This arcade experience will bring you numerous replayable levels as well as fun missions. You will definitely enjoy a lot of fun and excitement during the gameplay. Unlike other games of the same category, Sonic Runner Adventure can be played offline without an internet connection once you have passed your first session. 

On the other hand, Sonic Runner Adventure still meets some criticism from its players. For instance, not all characters of the Sonic series are in the game and some characters are missing. Also, the game would be even better if it could feature a summer event. What’s more, the game contains ads, though not so many ads are displayed in the game. Finally, the game is not free of charge and it costs players 4.49 dollars in order to have a try, and some players might regret it after paying for the game and having tried the first round of the game. In spite of those aforementioned disadvantages, the game is still worth being recommended for players because it can provide players with double visual and audio enjoyment. 

On the whole, Sonic Runner Adventure is an excellent running game featuring fun characters and players can wisely choose between different characters with different skills in order to cope with all kinds of challenges throughout the way. The graphic design is of high quality and the sound effects are the same. Therefore, an immersive gameplay experience can be guaranteed. Furthermore, the controls are flexible and simple, making it easy for players to master this game. However, the game is not perfect. Some characters are lacking and it contains ads while still charging people money. But its advantages outrun its disadvantages and it is an additive and fun runner game that will provide players with an exciting and immersive experience. The key to winning is to make full use of each character’s skills and react quickly to the threats coming for you throughout the way. Believe that you will make it and reach the final point! Go for it and we are here to hear from you about your victory!

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